2022 "GigaOm Radar for Policy As Code" Report

Prisma Cloud named a Leader in policy enforcement.

The Only CNAPP Recognized in the PaC Report

Policy as code (PaC) solutions help organizations mitigate risk by creating, managing and enforcing policies designed to maintain security and operational best practices.

The 2022 “GigaOm Radar for Policy As Code” report helps you fairly evaluate vendors against key policy-as-code solution criteria, such as code-to-cloud support, the robustness of alerting capabilities, integrations into development and testing tools, as well as their flexibility, scalability, usability, effectiveness and availability.

GigaOm recognized Palo Alto Networks Prisma® Cloud as a Leader in policy as code: “The solution has comprehensive compliance and policy reporting capabilities for multiple stakeholders and tenants. It delivers capabilities across both infrastructure and authorization policies, significantly reducing infrastructure policy issues by providing IDE-integrated developer tools and suggested fixes.”

This recognition is another technology analyst example of Prisma Cloud setting itself apart from other cloud-native security solutions as the industry’s only cloud-native application protection platform (CNAPP).

Get the GigaOm Radar report for insights into:

  • GigaOm’s requirements for enforcing policies throughout cloud-native application stacks and lifecycles.
  • Why policy as code is a requirement for cloud-native security solutions.
  • How Prisma Cloud ranks as a Leader, with more Exceptional ranks than any other vendor.

Read the full report today to learn more about key policy-as-code solution criteria and why we are the only CNAPP recognized as a Leader.

Learn why Prisma Cloud leads

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