The State of Cloud-Native Security Report 2023

Global survey spotlights industry vitals and actionable insights.
Life Moves Fast in the Cloud

What did we learn from our third annual cloud-native security survey? Two themes stand
out — life in the cloud does indeed move fast, much faster than we would have imagined 12 months ago. And complexity, in one form or another, is ubiquitous, obstinate and an undermining force when it comes to securing cloud-native environments.

The State of Cloud-Native Security Report 2023 is the result of a months-long survey traversing seven countries and five sectors of industry to consult with more than 2,500 cloud security and DevOps professionals — from chief executives to developers to security technicians — with the goal of identifying pivotal decisions affecting cloud-native development and security outcomes.

The results of this year’s survey, which consisted of just under 50 meticulously chosen questions, present a fresh look at best practices in cloud-native security.

Download your copy of The State of Cloud-Native Security Report 2023 for insights stemming from 2023 data that includes:

  • New deployment frequency has increased by 67% in the past 12 months.
  • 76% of respondents deploy new or updated code to production weekly.
  • 72% of organizations report an above-average turnover rate in cloud security roles.
  • 78% of respondents want better day-one security from tools.
  • 77% of organizations say aligning security tools with security goals is challenging. 

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